Stewart White

Stewart White: Painting Architecture in Watercolor

Video Length: 3 Hours 13 Minutes
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Any artist who wants personal growth will love Architecture in Watercolor by Stewart White. 

You will learn:

  • Why it matters to paint what you find interesting (instead of painting what you think will “make a great painting”)
  • How to find simplicity in details (instead of getting lost in them)
  • A simple technique for painting architecture (that you can use for any subject matter)
  • How to break down buildings to make painting them easier
  • How to brim with confidence when painting architecture in watercolor
  • How to select and find effective compositions that draw in any viewer
  • How to create a believable sense of light and temperature
  • The simplest way to paint any building you like (because you know this one thing)


If you want to go outside, pick a popular landmark or idyllic countryside, and just start painting or sketching confidently, then this is for you.

No more hiding or hoping nobody sees you working at your easel. Even if strangers start to watch, you’ll confidently pursue your art.

Always wanted to paint buildings, but they seem too complicated? You don't know where to start? Stewart’s teachings will give you a refreshing perspective.

Wondering why your buildings look too stiff or don’t feel real? Stewart shows you how to fix this problem simply.

What once seemed complicated is now easy and enjoyable. As Stewart says, “You’ll become the director of your own paintings and you can do whatever you want!”

Architecture in Watercolor is taught by Stewart White, a professional painter with 35 years of experience and the national winner of the coveted PleinAir Salon. 

He has competed in many prestigious plein air events. Plus, he is an architectural illustrator who helps architectural firms with rendering projects. So he knows a thing or two about painting buildings. You’ll get an inside track.

You will enjoy Stewart’s unique skill set. He’ll show you how you can find simplicity in a lot of detail.


Stewart will share five core principles with you:

  • How to go from “this is too complex” to simple (because chances are you’re making it more complicated than it has to be)
  • Stop drawing buildings and what to do instead (this is what watercolor is truly about)
  • The one thing that holds you back in watercolor (and it has nothing to do with techniques)
  • Why most artists are “people pleasers” and how you can break out of this habit (finally paint what excites you!)
  • How to paint the dialogue between buildings (instead of individual buildings)

Chapter Outline

  1. Introduction: Loving Your Subject
  2. Planning the Painting
  3. Materials
  4. Drawing
  5. Wash Drills
  6. Color Recipes
  7. Masking
  8. Let’s Jump in the Water
  9. Tackle the Buildings
  10. Final Details and Closing Thoughts


  • Exhibit of Works
  • High Speed View
  • Interview with the artist conducted by Eric Rhoads


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Marianne Denman
Stewart White: Painting Architecture in Watercolor

I'm a fairly experienced watercolor artist but I learned a great deal from this video. I think anyone who wants to learn how to paint looser as well as paint ar...

Donna Long
Stewart White: Painting Architecture in Watercolor

This is a great tutorial! It was not only very helpful with technical information but it was also very inspiring to watch Stewart paint this beautiful paintin...

Bringing holiday pics to life

Stuart's explanations and delivery of the initial drawing into sections were easy to understand, and the values were helpful for me as a beginner; I loved the subject. Thank you.

Wayne K
Exactly what I've been looking for!

For me, and I think for a lot of folks, architecture and street scenes with figures are a little intimidating. Architecture, Figures, and Perspective, Oh My! But this video with Stewart White helps take away some of the intimidation factor. An eye-opening moment in the video for me was when Stewart broke down the facade of the church into quadrants. Hello... never thought of that! I have painted too many squished, fat, and skinny buildings with windows and doors in the wrong places. I am really looking forward to trying this to help keep a building and its elements in proportion.

Besides sharing his architectural knowledge, Stewart demonstrates several tips and exercises. The "chicken" exercise is really a fun and clever way to practice a technique. What's the chicken exercise you ask? Buy the video. I think beginners and intermediate painters will get a lot out of this video just like I have. Hoping there will be more instructional videos from Stewart in the future.