Dan Marshall: Cityscapes in Watercolor

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Video Length: 2 Hours 17 Minutes

Do you want your watercolors to look like they were painted by a master?

Do you want your watercolors to look like they were painted by a master?

Watercolor, with its rich pigments and wet-in-wet soft washes is perfect for creating mood in your paintings. Join artist Dan Marshall as he shows you how to take advantage of watercolor’s most unique properties to create a sense of atmosphere in your work. Start in studio where Dan explains the tools that help him create his award-winning paintings. You’ll learn how to handle your pigments more confidently by exploring the 5 thicknesses’ of watercolor paint. Dan shows you easy ways to practice atmospheric washes and practical ways to improve your linework. Plus you’ll learn compositions you can use on your very next painting.

Now head outside, to paint a complete street scene. Dan teaches you how to work fast. You’ll spend more time painting and less time waiting for your pigments to dry. You’ll use large washes to set the moody tone of the painting and then build up shapes wet-into-wet. Learn how to use neutrals to create a wonderful sense of atmosphere and how to add final pops of color and just the right details to capture the energy of the scene.

Master what makes watercolor unique and create paintings filled with mystery and ambiance in Cityscapes in Watercolor, Capturing Mood & Atmosphere.

Studying under a master like Dan Marshall is the best way to speed up your own progress and improve your paintings… making you happier and more confident about your own work…. Order yours today and watch your paintings get better…


Techniques to Take With You!

  • Complete a start-to-finish watercolor painting
  • Paint outdoors (en plein air)
  • Composition lessons to establish a strong center of interest
  • How to paint people in motion
  • How to paint reflections, buildings, trees, cloudy skies
  • Tips to achieve accurate perspective
  • Brushwork for painting wet-into-wet, drybrush, calligraphy
  • Edge control — when it’s best to use soft or hard edges
  • Understand how values say it all!


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