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Laurel Daniel: Oil Painting For Beginners


Video Length: 4 Hours 14 Minutes
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This Is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Master the Basics of Oil Painting and Start Creating Your Own Stunning Compositions Right Now …

Even If You’ve Never Held a Paintbrush in Your Life! 

We hear it a lot…
“If only I could paint like that.”
“I’ve got no talent.”
Perhaps you or someone you know wants to learn to create beautiful oil paintings but feels as though they did not get “the gift of painting.”

Want to know a well kept secret?

Almost anyone can learn to paint.

Yes, you heard me right. Even if you can’t draw a straight line.

You see, almost anyone can become a pretty good painter. It’s not about talent alone. It’s about learning a process.

If you can learn to cook, you can learn to paint.
If you can learn to type, you can learn to paint.

Just like cooking: Someone teaches you the simple processes... Then you practice a lot till you get better and better at it.

Is talent required?

Maybe way down the road, but tens of thousands of people who did not think they had talent have discovered how to paint by learning the step-by-step process.
If you would like to learn how to discover the basics of oil painting in just a few short hours, then this will be the most exciting message you’ve ever read.

Here’s why:

When it comes to teaching the fundamentals of oil painting, Laurel Daniel is one of the very best in the world.

A full-time painter who also teaches at the prestigious Contemporary Austin Art School, Laurel has helped beginners of all ages learn the secrets to getting “up and running” as a painter in record time. 

Laurel has been teaching art in classrooms and workshops for almost 20 years, and over that time she’s worked with countless students, helping some of them go from complete “newbie” beginners...

…to producing studio-quality work that sells for thousands of dollars!

That’s why when we decided to create an oil painting program for beginners, we knew Laurel was exactly who we needed.

So we made a few phone calls and pulled a few strings, and voilà!

Within a few short weeks, Laurel Daniel was joining us in the studio to create one of the most comprehensive video training programs we’ve ever put together.

That’s how Oil Painting for Beginners with Laurel Daniel was born.
We know learning to paint can be intimidating. We also know the materials seem confusing. But in this video we explain it all, and it’s easy to understand and follow.

And you can pick up the materials you need at any craft store.

This complete training program includes everything you need to learn the basics of oil painting, including 20 step-by-step segments with over four hours of easy-to-follow instructions.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to get started, including the materials you’ll need and how to use them
  • How to create beautiful and engaging paintings that capture your viewers’ attention and leave them speechless
  • All of the tools, tips, and techniques you need to start painting striking works of art from the comfort of your own home
  • How to avoid the typical “deadly” mistakes that beginner and intermediate oil painters make (so you can develop your skills quickly without any hang-ups)
  • How to tap into your own creative impulses and express yourself using the art form that you love

“I’ve Always Wanted to Learn to Paint But I Never Believed I Could Do It…”

If you’ve felt like that before, you’re not alone. Learning to paint can seem intimidating, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start talking about the ins and outs of oil painting.

But here’s the thing:

Thanks to this program, now you can learn in a few short hours what you need to know to start making your own paintings … and you can have FUN doing it!


Oil Painting for Beginners with Laurel Daniel is laser-focused on giving you ONLY the information you can use — the precise steps you need to develop your skillsquickly — with absolutely zero fluff or filler.

Here’s the truth:
When it comes to getting a solid foundation in oil painting, the teacher you choose to learn from is absolutely critical. That’s one reason we chose Laurel Daniel to guide you.

Laurel has years of experience helping people just like you learn to paint beautiful compositions in oil — one of the most timeless art mediums on the planet…

…AND she has the very rare ability to teach these special techniques in a way that’s easy to understand.

Here are some of the secrets you’ll discover inside the Oil Painting for Beginners video training collection:

  • The ONE thing you absolutely MUST know about choosing the right brushes for your paintings before you start
  • The four main brush shapes and what each is used for
  • How to use household objects to create unique strokes and effects on your canvases (most beginners have no idea about these techniques!)
  • How to preserve, clean, and condition your brushes so they last two to three times longer
  • The secret to working with palette knives and getting amazing and unique effects on the canvas
  • How to find the perfect lighting, and why this step is critical when you’re starting out
  • How to mix primary colors to get secondary colors and how to get ANY shade of color you need by using these simple mixing techniques
  • The art of using VALUE and the most effective techniques for portraying distance and form in your compositions
  • How to break up forms and give your painting the vivid sense of definition that will bring it to life!
    How to avoid the typical “snafus” that will ruin a good painting
  • How to define the various elements of your painting and make them stand out with the correct highlighting techniques
  • How to add the details that will turn a simply “good” painting into a visually stunning one!
  • How (and when) to make changes and add the important finishing touches to your work
  • How to set up the elements that draw your viewers in like a magnet … and keep them there!
  • How to use sketches to set the stage for your painting
    How to establish a focal point on your canvas, and why this is so crucial
  • How to choose what to include (and what to ignore) when painting various scenes
  • The right way to paint foreground and background elements in your composition
  • How to use layers and contrast in your work to add depth
  • The easiest way to lighten or darken your colors as you go to get the perfect shade
  • How to focus on the right elements of your painting so you tell the story YOU want to tell

…and far more than we can possibly include!


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Laura French
Laurel Daniel: Oil Painting for Beginners

Laurel gives a ton of very helpful information here, especially to new oil painters. By far this is the most articulate, clear and useful video I've watched yet.

Laura French
Laurel Daniel: Oil Painting for Beginners

Laurel gives a ton of very helpful information here, especially to new oil painters. By far this is the most articulate, clear and useful video I've watched yet...

Jeff Hammer
Laurel Daniels Oil Painting For Beginners

If you have never picked up a brush before, this is the video for you. There is a wealth of information here for the beginner. Intermediate painters will benefit as well. Ms. Daniels is an excellent teacher, explains things in a complete and easy to understand manner. The section on color mixing alone is well worth the price. I have watched the video three times already, the first to just watch and see what was included, the second time with pen and paper to take notes, and the third time to paint along with her. The painting she guides you through is fun to do, and I was very happy with the end result I achieved. Highly recommended for both beginners and intermediate level artists.

Michele Girard
Laurel Daniel: Oil Painting for Beginners

Definitely worth the price. I watched it twice already and did the exercises. I learned a ton. She breaks down the process into easily achievable steps. Great ...

Carolyn Solzhenitsyn
Laurel Daniel: Oil Painting for Beginners

EXCELLENT introduction to oil painting. Thank you Laurel!