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Albert Handell: Painting Greens In Oil


Video Length: 4 Hours 38 Minutes
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Albert Handell leads you on a journey to discover:

  • How to see “through things” and tie up different areas of your painting more strongly (crucial in painting brilliant compositions)
  • How to finish your “block-in” when painting the greens of summer — interestingly, Albert paints a third element to the block-in … full demo in the video!
  • How to “lift” the underpainting, a watercolor technique rarely used in oils that can produce gorgeous results … a surprisingly effective technique!

You’ll also discover techniques such as:

  • Have “carrying power” in your paintings that grabs and draws the viewer into the painting, even when seen from a distance
  • Avoid muddy colors that kill a painting
  • Don’t overwork your paintings — know when to stop!
  • Obtain beautiful, harmonious colors that are pleasing to the eye
  • Avoid boring placement and bland compositions in favor of painting in more exciting and dynamic ways!
  • Paint greens in tons of different ways
  • The “Piano Trick” of arranging your color palette
  • The unexpected color Albert loves using (and what he uses it for)
  • Albert’s Signature 2-Color Underpainting technique
  • Establish and draw the “feeling” of trees
  • Make trees look more natural by using “positive/negative” painting
  • Albert’s unique method for creating fascinating brushstrokes
  • Make sharp lines and soft lines in one application — this will be an aha moment for you!
  • Watercolor techniques in oils (brilliant but rarely used!)
  • The secret to adding “carrying power” in your paintings!
  • Albert’s way to analyze a painting so you’ll know it’s finished!
  • How to avoid boring placement and compositions
  • The often overlooked trick to create exciting and dynamic compositions
  • “See through things” so you can tighten up your paintings!
  • Start your block-in like THIS or you’ll risk weakening it!

Also included in the video:

  • Gallery of Works
  • Insights from Albert
  • Fan Favorite: High-Speed View of Demonstration Painting
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation
  • BONUS: Painting Sunlight and Sky Holes

Mixing accurate and harmonious greens can be a real challenge! Lots of professional artists won’t even put an “out of the tube” green on their palette, preferring to mix their own to get it just right.

Greens found in high, dry mountain forests are very different from those of palm trees and in deciduous forests — each requires very different mixes.

Don’t forget, different seasons and climate zones affect the cool/warm relationships of the greens on your palette. If you’re not aware of them, the entire painting may look off!

To make things even worse … Recent scientific research reveals that men and women perceive greens differently!

It's true!

The wrong green can actually push people away from viewing a painting!

Why Invest in an Entire Video on Painting Greens? 

Green is a fact of life for artists, especially if you paint landscapes.

When you look at the greens in the paintings of master artist Albert Handell, what you’ll find is a completely different approach from nearly every other artist.

With this in mind, we invited Albert to our studio to produce a video that captures his brilliant methods for painting greens. 

You’ll find tons of tips, tricks, and techniques inside this instructional video, Painting Greens in Oil.

That’s right. Getting greens just right is such an important topic, we created an entire video course devoted to showing you how to mix and use the right green with any medium … oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, or gouache.

If you’ve ever seen Albert’s work, you know he is a master of all things green so if you’re looking to master greens, this video is perfect for you!

There Was a Time Way Back When…

Early in his career, even Albert had a little trouble with this tricky color...

After avoiding painting summer greens, which he found rather difficult, Albert experienced an awakening while hiking in Woodstock, New York.

On one hike, as the sun departed and the quietness of late evening set in, Albert found himself surrounded by dense, lush trees — all showing off the intimidating green colors he’d worked so hardnotto paint.

This time, Albert began to see something different … he noticed purples dancing with the greens … swirling and twirling in graceful harmony. Suddenly, it all made perfect sense.

Albert began to embrace greens. He experimented and took daring chances, leading to a long-lasting love of greens that has become like an autograph in his paintings.

If you’ve ever struggled to get greens right, let Albert lead you on an incredible journey of discovery to help you develop new and better techniques that will amplify the quality of your artwork.

Through his decades of painting professionally, Albert has developed a unique approach that anyone can follow, regardless of current skill level. He’ll reveal everything he knows about painting greens in oil.

Inside This Video, Albert Reveals All...

He’ll leave nothing out — you’ll gain wisdom and insights as you observe this art legend’s signature methods.

The valuable instruction and demonstrations in this video will feel as though you’ve received a gift from this modern day master.


Customer Reviews

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Royce R DuBose
Good Art

Good Teacher making good Art

Albert Handell: Painting Greens

I love the precise info Albert Handell provides. He describes the basics but also touches on the "art" of painting.

Maria Galligan
What an incredible gift to artists!

Albert HandelL is a wonderful teacher and such a gifted artist. He has a completely different approach to everything I have seen before. After trying his technique, and still in the process, I have discovered Magic in my painting. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Albert. You've inspired me to go out of my comfort and strive to be an incredible artist like you. Thank you so very much!

Always interesting and informative

I found this video enlightening as Albert is not your standard type of oil painter, although I found that I liked the example of not following the norm, which I tend to do at times. I am not a pastel painter, but I am guessing he uses similar pastel techniques with oils and does get beautiful results.

Paul Gustafsson
No disappointment with this tutorial.

There are several reasons why I chose this Albert Handell video. Albert paints in oils and pastels as I do. His style and subject matter are similar to mine. His method of combining transparent and opaque applications of paint makes for a very nice and unique finished look to a painting. He instructs well and he leaves nothing out as he goes along with his demo. If you want to experiment with this style of painting, this is a very nice video and I recommend it highly.