Charles H. White

Charles H. White: The Art of Charles H. White Book


What does a lush English garden have in common with golden poppies in the wilderness near California's Mount Diablo? If Charles H. White paints both scenes, then each reveals the beauty and truth of nature. Charles uses perspective, shading, proportion color, and his extraordinary talent to capture the repose of a garden, happenstance on a hillside, or the mystery and possibility of a door in a Tuscan wall or the docks of Portofino.

Those who have this book, The Path Worth Taking, will be transported from wherever they are to California's hill of green or gold, Italy's secluded corners, Monet's Garden, an aristocrat's formal garden, or leaf-blown woods in the Berkshires. After spending a few minutes contemplating one of Charles' landscapes, you will look with more appreciation and a depth of feeling for the beauties of our natural world.