Camille Przewodek

Camille Przewodek: A Colorist's Guide to Painting


Video Length: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
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Are you ready to revolutionize the way you paint? Seeing and painting color may seem like an obvious part of any painting, but when you are a colorist, it’s the fun and focus of everything you do! A colorist’s goal is to paint the quality of light on a subject, and learning from master artist Camille Przewodek, who has 35 years experience doing just that, will help you develop a new color perception for exciting results in your work.


Discover a New Way of Seeing Color!

An insightful workshop teacher, Camille believes that talent is 10%, while 90% is practicing and getting the right instruction — color can be taught! In this video Camille teaches you how light affects objects and how light temperature changes. You’ll find that the first color you put down is the key to the entire painting! “At first, this may seem very new as you have not seen this in other workshops, so just stay with me,” says Camille. “After you have done this for a while, it will make more and more sense.”

Starting with a review of objects under different lighting conditions and times of day, Camille guides you step by step to paint a sunny morning landscape. With a focus on capturing the illusion of light on structure and form, and not getting hung up in the details, you’ll learn how to paint faster and more efficiently, and with the joy that color can bring.

“I am inspired by how light falls on objects. Before I paint something, I have to be inspired. I will see it in my mind’s eye and then try to go for it. I don’t always accomplish it, but when I do, it is magic.”


Make Color Your Number One Priority with A Colorist's Guide to Painting. In this video you will:

  • Find a new way to organize lights and darks — if it is the right color, it will be the right hue, value, and saturation. The hue is as important as the value in a colorist’s approach.
  • Learn how to NOT copy a photo — instead, exaggerate the light effects you see and build upon a strong, confident start
  • Develop a personal view of color
  • Achieve color harmony every time — no gimmicks, just learn to see
  • Utilize all the colors in your painting kit. If you are only using three or four colors, you are not using the technology that is available to you.
  • Enjoy the process of “juggling color” — Camille shows you how to avoid thinking about one color in isolation, but rather to consider all of them at once


Painting in the tradition of Monet, award-winning artist and Master Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society and Oil Painters of America Camille Przewodek studied with master colorist Henry Hensche, who taught her the colorist’s approach to painting. Camille says, “Meeting Henry Hensche changed my life! It was like a religious experience. I was an advanced painter ready to change my art path. I was able to discover a new way of seeing color.” Come follow along with Camille to have your eyes opened and watch your paintings reach new heights!

While this video is done using oil paint, the philosophy and teaching transcends mediums.


This Video Includes

  • Start-to-finish demonstration painting in oil of a sunlit house and garden, broken down chapter by chapter
  • Fan favorite! High-Speed View of demo painting
  • Inspiring paintings by the artist, set to music
  • Insights from the artist
  • And more!


Customer Reviews

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Netta Canfi
Camille Przewodek: A Colorist's Guide to Painting

Camille set me free! :D This workshop transformed my work into colorful, vibrant joy. Clients are loving it to! Thank you so much for this.

Helen Kemp

Camille Przewodek: A Colorist's Guide to Painting

JoRene Bargiacchi
Excited to learn more!

I'm excited to use my psp and to learn more from Camille! It seems very challenging, but I love the idea of 1st identifying big color notes & light key concepts of Henry Hensche & Hawthorne's that Camille teaches. Would love more of an explanation of how she lays out her colors and why onto the psp, maybe that comes later in other videos. And, exactly what the diagrams on the bottom of the psp mean concerning how Camille implements the mixing of her colors.

Donna Long
A Great Investment

Camille is a great artist and teacher. This video opened my eyes to a new approach to applying color and Camille does a great job explaining her process as she paints. I learned a lot and highly recommend this!

Netta Canfi
Camille Przewodek: A Colorist's Guide to Painting

Camille set me free! :D This workshop transformed my work into colorful, vibrant joy. Clients are loving it to! Thank you so much for this <3