Xiang Zhang

Xiang Zhang: Painting the Costumed Figure

Video Length: 3 Hours 20 Minutes
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Zhang is well-known to his collectors as a figurative painter of western subjects such as horses and cowboys, but he is equally versed in painting portraits of women, children, damsels and dancers, as well as luscious still lifes.

We filmed his demonstration of painting the costumed figure in a workshop we sponsored for Zhang, and the resulting painting is phenomenal.

Filmed with three cameras: full length of painting, closeup of brushwork, and full palette shots. See every stroke and paint mixture Painted from a live model in one, all-day session, this painting is a tour de force performance of virtuoso brushwork and dynamic color. Zhang swings his brushes like a maestro conducting a symphony. Trained in the Russian classical tradition in China, Zhang brings to the canvas surface vestiges of the late, great Russian painters Ilya Repin and Nicolai Fechin.

Every brushstroke is a considered choice and an exquisite experience to watch. Also included in the video are Zhang's lecture comments recorded throughout the five-day workshop, giving insight into the thought process, as well as painting technique, required to paint in this grand, loose style. Painted totally from the live model, you will watch how Zhang interprets the iridescent velvet gown and elegant hands with a minimum of brushwork. 

The video records the work of this established artist at the height of his career, capturing for future generations of artists a visible record of his working methods and approach to painting. Our goal at Liliedahl Video Productions is to record as many living artists as possible today, in the early years of our new century, for we truly believe that our video artists will be history's greatest legacy for the 21st Century. Imagine if Sargent, Sorolla, Zorn or even Rembrandt had been recorded painting at their easels. How much more we would have known by having that visual treasure! We are dedicated to providing that record for posterity. We can't go backwards once a great painter has passed on. Be a part of our living art history and help us in the effort to capture for all future artists this irreplaceable opportunity to see and study with today's greatest painters!