Tim Deibler

Tim Deibler: Capturing the Seasons in Oil

Video Length: 1 Hour 22 Minutes
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The natural world is a source of constant inspiration and amazement for many artists. Learning to paint natural representations of each of the four seasons can be quite a challenge for beginning and intermediate students, which is why this oil painting workshop with Tim Deibler is a must-watch for all landscape painters.

Many artists find it difficult to know exactly where to start an oil painting, especially when working from a photo reference or painting in Plein air. Deibler starts this workshop with a discussion of four different approaches to start the painting, and demonstrates how to create focal points in a loose, spontaneous style. Through Deibler's step-by-step approach, you'll learn a straightforward method for creating a scene by using simple, geometric shapes.

Deibler will also teach you how to build paint layers to create definition and shape elements so that your paintings will produce great effects with minimum effort. The oil painting workshop continues with an essential introduction to the four key elements of painting: shapes, values, color and edges. Students will learn the importance of capturing seasonal changes and the effect of light and reflection on the land. Youll also learn how to pick out simple geometric shapes in the landscape for easier composition of your paintings.

During the course of this easy to remember instructional video, you'll be inspired to get out and experience nature and paint what you see, no matter what season it is.