Susan Harrison-Tustain

Susan Harrison-Tustain: Lifelike Leaves and Vibrant Greens


Video Length: 5 Hours
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Feel as if you are enjoying a personal one-on-one Workshop with world renowned artist and teacher Susan Harrison-Tustain.

Designed for all skill levels from beginners to professional artists, Susan's easy-to-understand style of teaching will help you to learn and retain the priceless lessons she is sharing In-depth watercolor painting instruction and demonstrations giving exposure to a wide range of skills needed to capture astonishingly life-like leaves in watercolor that enhance or act as a support for your floral paintings.

Learn the secrets behind mixing luscious and vibrant greens. Watch as Susan teaches how you too can mix her fresh, clean, natural greens with confidence.

Special Bonus Section: 'The 5 crucial elements for a successful painting’. Learn how to use color, understand warm and cool colors (color temperature), light and dark (tone), intensity (saturation), edges (soft, sharp). This logical and straight-forward knowledge will transform your paintings. Learn subject observation, analysis and a comprehensive understanding of how you can be in control of watercolor Using the leaf studies as a 'generic example' - you can learn to apply your new skills to any subject.


You will discover how to:

  • reserve highlights
  • create glowing watercolor under-washes
  • achieve translucent layers of watercolor with Susan's unique Priming Method
  • mix clean, fresh, natural color
  • create luminous clean watercolor shadows
  • mould form
  • attain smooth- natural flowing washes and blends of color
  • Plus many more on-screen text boxes to highlight the major points Susan does not want you to miss!


"My goal is for you to reap the rewards of all of the far-reaching lessons in this DVD. Practice will bring you confidence and as the knowledge and skills you have gained allow you to reach out and to connect with the viewers of your work - you will understand the transformation your paintings and you have come through to reach this exhilarating stage - where the viewers of your work can feel the emotion within your message and brushstrokes. I look forward to helping you to reach your full potential!"