Scott Burdick

Scott Burdick: Rebecca


Video Length: 3 Hours
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Scott Burdick is known for his bold, lush figure paintings of native peoples in faraway places, many of whom are painted from sketches and photo references from his treks around the world. To keep his painting acuity at a high level, he continuously works with the live model in his studio, from life. 

The painting of "Rebecca Fire Lit" was done in the studio of his wife, artist Sue Lyon. The pose was set up to illustrate the interplay of color temperature from opposing light sources, one a hot red-orange and the other cool sky-blue. Always the articulate instructor, Scott leaves no concept unspoken in explaining the subject of color temperature, with emphasis on what determines whether a color is warm or cool, how and where to use it. 

You may also be interested in a similar back-lit portrait video by well known artist Dan Gerhartz. Dan and Scott both received their art education at the Chicago Academy of Art, and while coming from the same art tradition, each has forged his own style. Listen to these modern masters as they describe the process, their thoughts and concepts when faced with two strong light sources of strikingly different color temperature. Filmed in their respective private studios, the videos offer a unique experience to see how each sets up the model within their own work-space.