Sarah Parks

Sarah Parks: Drawing Secrets Revealed - Figures, Step by Step

Video Length: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
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Follow step-by-step instruction from Sarah Parks to learn how to capture realistic figures.  

First, learn Sarah's drawing techniques for blocking in the figure with light lines, and abstract shapes to capture and accurate and proportionate drawing from the start.

Then follow easy drawing techniques for rendering volume with shading and blending. Complete your drawing with realistic details like lost-and-found edges, highlights, and more. Watch as Sarah applies all her figure drawing secrets revealed in this video as she completes two drawings start to finish.

Easy techniques for drawing figures, learn how to draw figures in pencil and charcoal, and draw realistic figures step-by-step with these drawing secrets.


In Drawing Secrets Revealed: Figures Step by Step with Sarah Parks you'll find:

  • Detailed drawing techniques for pencil and charcoal
  • Instruction for completely two figure drawings start to finish
  • Lessons in drawing techniques for linework, shading, adding fine details and more


About the Author
Sarah Parks specializes in oil portraits that blend impressionism with classical realism and has observed how important solid drawing skills are to creating an excellent painting. This observation inspired her to create her Drawing Secrets Revealed drawing instruction series.