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Mary Garrish: 6 Elements of Design

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Video Length: 2 Hours 17 Minutes

Have more fun painting when you learn the 6 elements of design! In this video workshop, artist Mary Garrish shows how to save time and frustration when you start with a strong foundation. Through her examples and step-by-step demonstration, you’ll learn to use line, shape, value, color, edges, and texture to create great paintings every time!


We Love What We Know!

Mary is a firm believer that practice makes perfect. And she is not alone! Based on experience and inspired by an article she read, Mary says, “Making a painting is a performance that comes after studying. A basketball player practices drills and shooting before going on the court to play a game. He puts in many more hours at practice than at playing. We should do the same.”

Shortcut those years of wondering what went wrong when you follow Mary’s method of study in this video so you can approach your easel with enthusiasm! 

“When I first started painting, especially in plein air, I would go out and look around at a site for a bit, and then, without doing any other prep, I would set up and start painting. I don’t do that anymore. I study and take my time and prepare.” 


Here’s what Mary has planned for you in The 6 Elements of Design:

  • The impact different formats give to a painting — are you choosing the right format for your subject?
  • An understanding of value and the important role it plays in advancing your work from “blah” to breathtaking!
  • A proven method for choosing colors that work with your design so your paintings have the feeling you are looking to portray.
  • Making shapes that make the painting!
  • A magic medium you may never have used — fall in love with texture all over again, and learn where and when to use it to your advantage.
  • How to finish a painting. Warning, this technique is not for the faint of heart! But once you try this you’ll find it an essential step for better paintings!


From ENT doctor to award-winning artist and past president of the American Impressionist Society, Mary Garrish has fallen in love with making art and teaching the process of creating a strong design. As she says, “There are endless possibilities. If you don’t explore, you will never know.” Mary is here to give you the tools you need to make paintings that will literally stop viewers in their tracks — they may not know why, but it’s all about design! Come explore how to get there with help from Mary Garrish!


This Video Includes

  • Start-to-finish demonstration painting of a moonlit marsh landscape, broken down chapter by chapter. Mary makes understanding design through painting accessible for every skill level
  • Fan favorite! High-Speed View of demo painting
  • Inspiring paintings by the artist, set to music
  • Insights from the artist
  • And more!


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