Lynn Powers

Lynn Powers: A Solid Start in Watercolor I

Video Length: 2 Hours 4 Minutes

This video workshop is designed to help beginning watercolorists gain confidence in a sometimes frustrating but always rewarding medium.

Watercolor instructor Lynn Powers presents basic concepts, techniques and tips that help students build a strong foundation from which to grow and explore. The DVD includes five lessons, each of which addresses a specific watercolor technique and introduces a basic concept important to successful painting.

Students learn the flat wash, variegated wash, wet-on-wet and negative painting techniques and discover how to use expressive brushwork in their paintings. The video includes printable line drawings for each on-camera demonstration, so everyone can paint along. Each lesson comes with a second exercise that students can print from the video for continued practice. These companion exercises include line drawings, original reference photos and illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Getting off on the right foot in watercolor can make all the difference. This watercolor video will help you gain confidence in this versatile medium.

The video includes 5 lessons, each of which addresses a specific watercolor technique and allows you to do a complete painting.

Lessons 6-10 of this class continues on  A Solid Start in Watercolor with Lynn Powers, part 2



Lesson 1

  • Technique: Flat Wash
  • Subject: Bird House


    Lesson 2

    • Technique: Graded Wash
    • Subject: Sunflower



    • Technique: Wet-into-Wet
    • Subject: Tree Landscape


    Lesson 4

    • Technique: Negative Painting
    • Subject: Forest


      Lesson 5

      • Concept: Composition
      • Subject: Landscape Painting


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        It really is a soooolid basis for beginners!