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Video Length: 4 Hours 40 Minutes

If you want your paintings to look real, but you don’t want them to look like photos, you must learn from Laurin McCracken!


Laurin McCracken’s Offers It All:

  • Paint realistic details without the risk of your painting looking like a photo!
  • Develop realism skills you don’t possess and thought impossible (you’ll be shocked at what you CAN do!)
  • Correct your mistakes now and avoid big headaches later
  • Discover how to create Laurin’s rich, deep black background — he’ll show you how he does it!
  • Make your watercolors behave the way you want them to!
  • It’s all in the details … or is it?
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques to set up a magical still life scene!
  • Laurin’s Two-Brush Technique … whoa!
  • But first … draw!
  • It takes a lot of THIS to get Laurin’s look and style! (Now you’ll be in the know!)
  • Involve your viewers — they’ll love you for it!
  • Which brush when? Laurin to the rescue!
  • If you do this ONE thing, you’ll have way more fun when you paint!
  • This took Laurin 15 years to learn … you’ll get it all in this ONE video!
  • All of This … and so much more!


Also included in the video:

  • Exhibit of Laurin’s work
  • Fan favorite: High-speed view of the demonstration painting


When you first think of watercolor painting, you might have this vision of water and color spreading wildly across the paper, all with a mind of its own!

Add the element of realism to that vision of wild watercolor and now what?

If you want to learn to create REALISTIC, almost photorealistic, watercolor paintings, do what others do … turn to this man — Laurin McCracken.

His work is Artistic and painterly, yet feels like the real objects. That may be why his work was featured in Gun & Garden magazine and why his paintings sell for big bucks.

In addition to being a brilliant artist, Laurin is a man with a keen marketing mind and is an in-demand celebrity artist — another reason other artists turn to him!

This is exactly why we had to invite Laurin to come into our studio and record an instructional art video showcasing watercolor realism.

You’ll Be Blown Away

Like others, you’ll be blown away that he is such a great teacher and that people who learn from him produce high-quality work after only brief lessons. With that in mind, think about the benefits you’ll gain by going through this comprehensive workshop-style video where Laurin instructs and demonstrates everything he does from start to finish!

Frankly, using watercolor to create objects that look real is a very special craft, and Laurin spent years creating a special system so his processes can be used by other artists. 

Many of the World’s Most Influential Watercolor Artists Routinely Send Laurin “Fan Mail” About His Paintings!

If you want your paintings to look real, but you don’t want them to look like photos, you must learn from Laurin McCracken!

He’ll show you how to add a lot of detail, but without making your painting look cluttered. 

He’ll start by demonstrating how to stage the perfect still life and proceed to paint what you see … and he’ll also teach you to “see” things differently!

Yes, Watercolor Realism Can Be Demanding!

Capturing details correctly in a realism painting can be incredibly demanding.

It's easy to get stuck in your assumptions about how things should look, rather than seeing what is actually there…

Seeing like a high-level painter takes time and practice.

Laurin’s system is going to help you shave years off of the time it takes to see and paint differently. 

He shows you how to see layers of information in the subjects you paint, and he’ll demonstrate how to incorporate those layers into your own version of realism.

You’ll also be getting top-notch lessons that teach you how to more effectively practice so you’re not wasting time and energy.

Realism + Watercolor = A Beautiful, Yet Potentially Disastrous, Painting

Realism painting can be tough because it’s not just about the details, it’s about getting the details just right… 

But not too right because this is not a photo, it’s a painting!

You want to show off your painting skills, not your photography skills!

… And about watercolor paints...

Artists know watercolor paints sometimes have a sassy personality. They like to do what they want, when they want, and they don’t always behave the way you’d like.

Using watercolor paint to create a realism painting could be asking for trouble.

Precisely why we knew we needed to share Laurin’s methods and techniques with you!


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