Jove Wang

Jove Wang: Painting Expressive Portraits


Video Length: 3 Hours 42 Minutes
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“Discover the Painting and Drawing Secrets That Will Help You Create Enchanting Portraits That Will Leave Your Viewer Breathless...

If you Want to Learn How to Draw and Paint Portraits,

Then Jove Wang is THE TEACHER You Want to Train With


Well, for starters, Jove Wang is a master artist in every sense of the term.

He started his apprenticeship at just 7 years old (they do things a little differently in China!), and by the time he was 18, Jove had already put in more hours drawing and painting than most others do in their entire lives!

He then went on to study at the prestigious Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, where he refined his technique under rigorous Russian-style art training methods.

Eventually Jove immigrated to the United States to make his mark in the art world ... and it wasn’t long before his hard work and talent skyrocketed him to national acclaim.

Now Jove Wang’s work is in high demand with collectors and galleries all over the world — from the Pasadena Museum of Art to the Santo Quattro Coronati Basilica in Rome!

Some masters live their lives to create, display, and sell their work, but Jove chooses to give back to the art community by teaching workshops in art schools and studios in the United States and abroad.

Experts Agree That Jove Wang’s Teaching Style Is Tremendously Effective

There’s no fluff or filler when you study with Jove Wang — just highly focused demonstrations coupled with his unique insights into the craft.

If you can attend one of his workshops, then you absolutely should because you’ll come away with techniques that will help you achieve serious growth as an artist. But...

Jove’s workshops aren’t cheap!

In fact, you can expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $2,500 to train with Jove in one of his workshops, and that’s not including the cost of transportation and hotels.

But what if you could learn from Jove Wang without spending thousands of dollars or traveling to one of his workshops in California, Spain, or Italy?

Now you can!

 You’ll discover:
  • Jove’s color palette — what colors he uses, where he places them on the palette, and why the placement is so important
  • How (and why) you should create a drawing in charcoal and color sketch before you begin painting
  • How to establish value and rhythm in your composition from the very beginning
  • How to outline and “sculpt” the contours of the face and then reveal the structure and shadows that bring your subject to life
  • Jove’s technique for establishing proportion and movement within his paintings
  • How to paint the details of the face
  • How to capture the energy and personality of your subject
  • The secret to using texture in your paintings
  • How to paint “from the inside out” so you can truly open up your feelings and show them on the canvas
  • How to make your paintings have a painterly feel, so they look like an artwork rather than a mere rendering 


Customer Reviews

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Michael Mentler

Jove Wang is a master draughtsman of the highest order. His skill sets and techniques are a seamless melding of intellect and intuition, of knowing and feeling. Highly recommend his DVDs.