Cheri Christensen: The Color of White - Make Your Whites Come to Life

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Video Length: 5 Hours 36 Minutes

Here’s a bit of what you’ll learn with Cheri:

  • White is rarely ever pure white … here's how to get it right!
  • The “un-exact” science of white paint — you’ve got to see it to believe it!
  • Painting what you love is the right thing to do!
  • Beware of the dark shadows! How shadows work on white objects is much different from anything you’ve ever done!
  • Ranking darks and lights — you must hear this theory
  • Painting from a photo? Cheri shows you how to make the photo the best it can be so it becomes a better resource for you!
  • The value of values on white objects — it’s a tricky business, but Cheri reveals how she performs the tricks!
  • How sensitivity impacts your art — Cheri explains!
  • Light shadows versus dark lights … so confusing! (Let the confusion end now!)
  • White is white only by comparison. (You’ll wish you knew this the day you started painting - but at least you’ll know now!)
  • Yes, white has a temperature! (Here’s how to take it!)
  • What you MUST know before you ever use white paint!
  • And a whole lot more!

Also included in the video:

  • A great interview with Cheri conducted by artist and publisher Eric Rhoads
  • A digital gallery of some of Cheri’s best artwork
  • A full start-to-finish painting demonstration, including white studies


Clean, pure, dramatic … TROUBLESOME!

But no more!

We’re about to unlock the mysteries found in painting white objects so you can learn to accurately see and paint this necessary color just like the most successful artists do.

Prepare yourself, though … because what you’re about to experience requires you to do things that seem very wrong, but you’ll be turning them into techniques that are absolutely right!

Best part? You can end the frustrating and endless search to find the perfect shade of white!

It’s true … you’ll actually be creating white by using a variety of colors to generate the feeling of white.

Cheri Christensen is going to teach you about painting white subject matter in The Color of White: Make Your Whites Come to Life.

Though Cheri is known for her animal paintings, which you’ll also enjoy, knowing how to paint white will come in handy for clouds, white dresses, snow, and a variety of other subjects.

Let’s face it, a thorough understanding of painting with the color white is mandatory for every artist. Getting whites wrong will cause the quality of your painting to head downhill fast.

Whether you prefer landscapes, still life, figures, or cityscapes, the principles of white still apply.

Now you have a chance to study with Cheri, who is one of the best artists around when it comes to seeing, mixing, and painting the right white every time!

This is exactly why you’ll want to be one of the first to get this video tutorial, go through it immediately, and then keep it as a handy reference each time you need to create a passage of white in your paintings.

White Is White … Right?

Actually, the answer is no. In fact, most pros never use white straight out of the tube … even for the objects that appear the most white!

Everything is different when it comes to painting with the mysterious color of “white” — values, shadows, creating warm and cools — all different! 

When you study with Cheri, one of the first things you’ll discover is your whites really aren’t working for you — even if you think they are!

Confused? Cheri will set the record straight on how to see, mix, and paint the color of white so your paintings will evolve from dull and chalky to vibrant and captivating!

Crack the Code on White

If you’re ready to master the mystery of white so you can become a more bold and confident painter, you’re going to love this video!

What Cheri teaches in this video is second to none. She has proven again and again that her methods for bringing the perfect white into a painting are SO much more than squeezing paint from a tube!

She’ll help you see the key to achieving successful whites is a blend of skill, and maybe even a little calculated trickery!

And this talented artist holds nothing back — you’ll see everything she has learned in her decades as a professional artist and instructor, allowing you to skip the frustration of “trying it but not liking it” and get right to the good stuff — the best way to make your shades of white come to life in your paintings.


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