Charles Reid

Charles Reid: Painting Flowers in Watercolour

Video Length: 2 Hours
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Learn to create delicate, realistic floral arrangements this watercolor instruction video featuring Charles Reid.

Fresh cut and wild flowers are a continual source of beauty in the life of an artist, yet many students find them frustrating or even intimidating to paint. Charles Reid is best known for his uninhibited watercolor style, and teaches students of all levels to catch the light and breathe of a moment in time while allowing beautiful flowers to bloom on their canvas.

This workshop begins with a discussion of contour drawing that will provide students with the anchor from which to develop their entire composition. Reid then builds on this technique by providing a step-by-step demonstration of color mixing and tone. Although many students think of water only as a means for applying pigment to the page and cleaning their brushes, Charles Reid will demonstrate the important role that water plays in the development of a painting, and teaches students to manipulate the flow of water while they work. In the second portion of this watercolor painting workshop, Reid will move on from the basics and into a discussion of capturing light and atmosphere in floral paintings.

Students will benefit from Charles Reid's demonstrations of two still life portraits featuring flowers full of energy, spirit, and freshness. After watching Reid demonstrate how to draw, color mix, use tonal values, incorporate brushwork, and arrange composition you too will be able to avoid overworking your scene, and create stunning, beautiful flowers.