Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos: Secrets of Portrait Painting


Video Length: 19 Hours 42 Minutes
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Uncover the Secrets of Realistic Portrait Painting with A.R.C. Master Artist and Salon Winner, Cesar Santos! 

Streamline Publishing is proud to partner with Art Renewal Center to bring you "Secrets of Portrait Painting" with A.R.C. Master Artist and Salon winner, Cesar Santos.

Inside this jam-packed video, Cesar will meticulously demonstrate and explain each step of preparing, creating, and finishing a portrait painting. You’ll get to see every brushstroke… every color application… every decision he makes, including mistakes and corrections… literally everything you need to know to create a successful portrait.

Using his systematic approach, Cesar will remove the difficulties you may encounter when painting portraits. You’ll discover proven techniques he has developed over years of studying in great schools and renowned academies. You’ll get to see what works without going through years of trial-and-error like Cesar did.

If you want to improve your portrait painting technique in the traditional manner, we highly recommend "Secrets of Portrait Painting". There’s no doubt that your portrait painting skills will elevate to even greater heights. All you have to do is watch the master in action and apply what you’ve learned!

Depending on your need to master classical portrait painting, both beginners and advanced painters are welcomed. (While this video is catered more to the advanced painters, beginners can also greatly benefit from the lessons inside and get an amazing head-start into the world of realistic portrait painting.)

NOTE: This EXTENDED video has over 19 hours of pure content you can watch over and over again.

We suggest consuming this video slowly as the information inside is incredibly detailed. Unlike a live workshop, you can easily rewind any lessons you missed to watch them again. This guarantees you’ll absorb all of Cesar’s teachings and painting wisdom.


What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • Cesar Santos’ personal color palette, including specific brands, and how he sets it up so you can replicate the painting exactly like him…
  • The 4 stages of portrait painting: Drawing & Constructing, Dead Coloring, Creating a First Painting, and Creating a Second Painting…
  • How to achieve a likeness in a subject…
  • How to turn the form with color…
  • How to interpret each physical feature and develop flesh tones with precision…
  • How the masters mix colors to keep their painting realistic…
  • What brushes and tools to use and why — you'll never have to wonder if you're making the right choice again…
  • Secrets to taking a practical and simplified approach when creating portraits…
  • How not to get distracted from what’s important in your paintings…
  • How to ensure your painting doesn’t have “mistakes” and will create a successful portraiture…
  • Unique lessons that blend tradition and science - this video will give you tons of paradigm-shifting information you won’t get anywhere else!
  • PLUS: How to use the techniques with different mediums and enjoy endless painting possibilities!
  • …and so much more inside this massive 19+ hour video!


Meet Your Instructor, Cesar Santos!

From his early childhood in Cuba, Cesar Santos was always interested in creative arts. After immigrating with his family to Miami, he dreamt of a future as an artist. After attending art school and learning a contemporary view of post-impressionistic principles, Cesar wanted to add to his knowledge by understanding the scientific aspect of painting, so he set off to the Angel Academy in Florence to learn more. He then took that knowledge and blended it with what he had learned and used it to develop his own unique and personal style that reflects both modernism and traditionalism.

Cesar is well known for creating portraits that reflect his passion for the unnoticeable, yet irreplaceable, people of his community.


Customer Reviews

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Hassib Ahmad
Cesar Santos: Secrets of Portrait Painting

This was the best investment of my life!! Thank you very much Cesar, for the best instructional video ever made! This changed the way I paint portraits entirely!

Anita prosser

I am finding the information from secrets of Portrait Painting from Cesar Santos incredibly helpful.Its great to pause the video and practice and rewind and practice more. I'm so glad I found PaintTube! It's made a huge difference for me.

Hassib Ahmad Noori
Cesar Santos: Secrets of Portrait Painting

This was the best investment of my life!! Thank you very much Cesar, for the best instructional video ever made! This changed the way I paint portraits entirely...

Paulo Jorge Silva Ferreira

Realmente extraordinário. Grande Artista

Diamantino Torres Pereira
Cesar Santos

The entire pictorial process until the final result is very good. It is worth noting the mixture of the traditional method with the modern methods that result in a wonderful realistic portrait, I mean fantastic! Cesar Santos is No. 1 in sales with his famous portrait of Valentina his wife precisely because it is without any doubt the best example of an ultra-professional portrait with a surprisingly wonderful realism as practically only he knows how to do! Thank you Eric for publicizing this amazing work by our dear Cesar Santos who is one of the great examples to follow in the art world as Cristiano Ronaldo in football is a unique artist!