Brenda Boylan/William Schneider Pastel Bundle



Pastels Bring Quality and Excitement to Your Paintings

Two great artists teaching you all things pastel

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Pastel Portraiture

William A. Schneider, a brilliant artist who is well-versed in several mediums takes you through a pastel portrait step-by-step.

Adding pastels as an additional layer of interest and passion to his art career has made Bill’s work even more popular among many types and all skill levels of artists.

Pastel Painting Secrets has been a top-seller since its release several years ago. Right now, you can add this action-packed video to your personal resource library for a special price.

We’re bringing this video course out of the vault and into the spotlight for those who may not have known about it previously.


Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll experience in Pastel Painting Secrets:

  • Painting with pastels is easy and fun — For those who haven’t used pastels or are new with them, Bill will show you how techniques from other mediums easily cross over to pastels
  • You’ll be inspired to take your pastel drawing and painting event further when you begin to learn the secrets Bill uses in his award-winning pastel work
  • Develop an entirely new style of painting when you add pastels to your skillset. It’s a great next step to reignite your passion for art. 
  • Create an endless palette — Limited only by your imagination, you can create any color. You’ll love how easy mixing is with pastels. Just think … no more purchasing a single tube of color only to use it once
  • And so much more…


When Bill sets out to create a portrait, his goal is to capture the essence of the model as a unique human being, going well beyond a mere rendering or “lookalike.” He aims to create an emotional response in viewers, allowing them the freedom to see the model as they really are — unique, beautiful, and without perfectly symmetrical features. He makes them real — just as we all are.

Bring this kind of depth and meaning into your own artwork.


Pastels the EASY way

In “Pastel FUNdamentals”, Brenda Boylan shows you the secrets she has learned over her career that make the difference in how a landscape turns out. She shows you the right way to hold the pastels, how and when to vary the pressure for effect, and more, like…

  • How to give your work harmonious color
  • What to do with broken pastels
  • How to demystify framing challenges for pastel paintings
  • How to apply darks lightly as shapes
  • Brenda’s method for a solid underpainting
  • The “lights on” secret
  • The right way to apply isopropyl alcohol so it just melts in
  • What paper is perfect for texture and depth
  • How to use the flat edge of the pastel for big impact
  • The right order to apply pastels to keep them clean
  • The “sky hole” trick for a captivating sky
  • A way to get grasses and weeds to look realistic
  • How using edges can guide the eye
  • The “step back” technique and why you MUST know it
  • And a whole lot more…


Whether or not you’ve ever used pastels, you’re going to catch on very quickly and bring a whole new variety of techniques to your paintings.