Albert Handell

Albert Handell 4 Video Combo Set



This Combo Set includes 4 Albert Handell Instructional Videos. Over 17 hours of in-depth instruction! 

Painting in Oil

Included in the video is a start-to-finish painting demonstration where Albert explains each step that he takes and why. This will solidify your newfound knowledge so you can apply the techniques in your own paintings.

Interspersed with the demonstration, you’ll find helpful exercises that provide in-depth lessons on:

  • Drawing
  • Understanding your subject
  • Color mixing
  • Color value
  • Pressure and application
  • Award-winning oil painting techniques

This is truly the stuff legends are made of, and it is a rare and great opportunity for you to learn from this art legend. This kind of opportunity does not happen often, so don’t miss your chance to study with one of today’s most accomplished artists by adding this video to your resource library.


Here is just some of what you’re getting when you bring Albert into your own studio on this video:

  • The ONE trick that will help you paint more realistic images
  • THE technique that will bring you more satisfaction than any other
  • Creating the right cast shadow (and how creating a wrong one can botch your whole painting — Albert is a bona fide expert on this!)
  • The TWO colors you must start mixing together (you’d never guess what they are!)
  • Albert’s BEST piece of advice you’ll ever get as an artist (you don’t want to miss this!)
  • The ONE technique that will completely change the way you mix and paint with dark colors
  • CONTROL your color with a simple technique that many artists don’t know about (but you will now!)
  • The magic that will happen in your paintings just by doing this ONE LITTLE THING
  • What NOT to worry about at the beginning of your painting (all while saving yourself some time!)
  • Where to start a painting, when to stop, and everything in between!
  • Do THIS and set yourself up to create the best paintings of your life
  • The #1 TRICK for a clear delineation between your background and foreground
  • Just how many brushes does an artist need anyway? (Albert dishes on this topic!)
  • ONE tip that will help you lighten your touch (simple and oh, so effective!)
  • Ever struggle to put the finishing touches on your paintings? You won’t anymore!
  • The single, most underused tool you probably already own
  • Plus a LOT more!




Painting Water & Rocks in Oil

Here’s just some of what Albert Handell has in store for you:

  • Find (and paint!) the rhythm of water (this is THE key to bringing water to life!)
  • Transparent + opaque = Albert’s signature style!
  • Capture the excitement of white water (you’ll feel the rush!)
  • From toning your canvas to making the final touches (it’s all here!)
  • The ONE “must-do” for painting successfully from photographs
  • Never thought you could paint a rushing mountain stream? You will now!
  • View each painting differently, and bring a fresh approach each time!
  • How good notes and progressive photos will help you become a better painter (Albert tells all!)
  • How just two colors can create vivid effects!
  • Add reflections and you’ll be adding magic!
  • How in the world can you add motion and flow to rushing water? (Here’s how!)
  • Shimmer — just what a water scene wants! 
  • Wild water — tame that beast!
  • Relax and let the water go where it wants!
  • And LOTS more!

There are few artists alive today who have been drawing and painting for 75 years. 

Albert Handell is one of the few. From the age of 6, drawing with chalk on his Brooklyn neighborhood sidewalks, to an award-winning artist sustaining a professional art career for over six decades.

Imagine everything Albert has experienced in his life and career — technological developments, cultural shifts, changing trends, worldwide art movements … and yet Albert has not only survived, but continues to thrive as a living legend.

Having no trees, hills, or streams growing up in Brooklyn, Albert’s love for nature and for painting landscapes was forever imprinted on him after a move to Woodstock, New York. Years later, painting water and its surroundings continues to be his favorite.

In this video, Albert shows you how to take what touches you in nature and translate your impressions with paint.


The Challenge of Water and Rocks

Water and rocks are some of the most challenging subjects for many landscape painters … and just two of Albert’s specialties!

Watch and paint right along with Albert as he shares the tips and techniques that will help you bring the rush and power of flowing water into your paintings.

You’ll see how to make rocks look super realistic by depicting them accurately — the true colors, the lost and found edges and angles, and the shadows they create. Whether the rocks are your focal point or used as a strong backdrop, getting them just right makes the movement of the water natural and believable.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an artist and instructor who can bring water and rocks to life as well as Albert can.



Mastering Pastels


Highlights of this video course:

  • A beautiful pastel painting demonstration
  • Never-heard-before painting tips and tricks from the master himself
  • The surprising positive side of watercolor accidents
  • The “sky-holes” technique for shaping trees
  • How to start a painting, finish a painting, and everything in between!
  • Boost the “carrying power” of your paintings to draw viewers in
  • An in-depth understanding of how warm colors “rise” and cool colors “drop”
  • How to make enhanced composition changes as you paint
  • Methods to eliminate “overworking” a painting
  • Why watercolor and pastel is a perfect mix
  • Create space with transparent and opaque colors
  • Albert’s unique “Hunter-Gatherer” organizing strategy
  • An insightful interview with Albert Handell
  • A digital gallery of some of Albert’s best work
  • BONUS: 2019 tribute video created to honor Albert as he was presented with PleinAir magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • And much, much more!

You have the incredible opportunity to learn about pastel painting from Albert Handell, an art legend!

This is an amazing video course where Albert shares techniques, insights, and wisdom that he has gained through his seven decades as an artist.

You’ll watch how this master painter begins a painting, progresses through each stage, and how he decides when it is finished … allowing you to stop overworking your own paintings.

You’ll see how Handell harmonizes the transparent and opaque passages of the pastel — creating a delightful and pleasing composition.

He’ll show you how to maximize each and every color of the pastel by understanding its nature.

You’ll experience in-depth explanations of landscape proportions (demonstrations included!)

Albert even shares his secrets for grabbing a viewers’ attention, even from afar, and drawing them into the painting by amplifying its “carrying power.”

He offers you his best techniques on how to create exciting and dynamic paintings by avoiding boring placement.

You’ll learn how to “see through things” and know exactly how to strongly complete certain areas of the painting — critical to the composition.

One of the biggest benefits you’ll gain is how to maintain intentional variety and unity throughout your painting to keep the eyes of your viewers glued to your creation!

Don’t miss your chance to study pastel painting with Albert Handell.

Painting Greens In Oil


Albert Handell leads you on a journey to discover:

  • How to see “through things” and tie up different areas of your painting more strongly (crucial in painting brilliant compositions)
  • How to finish your “block-in” when painting the greens of summer — interestingly, Albert paints a third element to the block-in … full demo in the video!
  • How to “lift” the underpainting, a watercolor technique rarely used in oils that can produce gorgeous results … a surprisingly effective technique!

You’ll also discover techniques such as:

  • Have “carrying power” in your paintings that grabs and draws the viewer into the painting, even when seen from a distance
  • Avoid muddy colors that kill a painting
  • Don’t overwork your paintings — know when to stop!
  • Obtain beautiful, harmonious colors that are pleasing to the eye
  • Avoid boring placement and bland compositions in favor of painting in more exciting and dynamic ways!
  • Paint greens in tons of different ways
  • The “Piano Trick” of arranging your color palette
  • The unexpected color Albert loves using (and what he uses it for)
  • Albert’s Signature 2-Color Underpainting technique
  • Establish and draw the “feeling” of trees
  • Make trees look more natural by using “positive/negative” painting
  • Albert’s unique method for creating fascinating brushstrokes
  • Make sharp lines and soft lines in one application — this will be an aha moment for you!
  • Watercolor techniques in oils (brilliant but rarely used!)
  • The secret to adding “carrying power” in your paintings!
  • Albert’s way to analyze a painting so you’ll know it’s finished!
  • How to avoid boring placement and compositions
  • The often overlooked trick to create exciting and dynamic compositions
  • “See through things” so you can tighten up your paintings!
  • Start your block-in like THIS or you’ll risk weakening it!

Also included in the video:

  • Gallery of Works
  • Insights from Albert
  • Fan Favorite: High-Speed View of Demonstration Painting
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation
  • BONUS: Painting Sunlight and Sky Holes