Diane McClary: Saguaro Cactus

Video Length: 0 Hour 49 Minutes

Just as Palm trees are iconic to California and Hawaii, Saguaro Cactus are to Arizona.

In this DVD Diane paints Saguaros on a steep mountainside, with steep rocky slopes. Diane takes the viewer through the issues of elimination portions of the landscape that don’t lend themselves to the scene, and many bushes and cacti that would detract from the center of interest, the Saguaro.

The unique size, structure and shapes of the Saguaros, including the conditions they live through which affect their growth patterns, are part of the information provided.

Mostly, however, the focus is on color harmony of the scene, the choices you can make to maintain a pleasing harmony even if that means painting the blue sky somewhat yellow or lavender.

In addition a section is devoted to painting the Jumping Chollo cactus found at the feet of the Saguaros. Chollos are another unique plant that are bristling with thousands of almost white thorns against green cores and brown, gnarly trunks. It is interesting to see how Diane renders those, and it will give you alternatives to try when you are faced with similar challenges.