Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Painting Skies

by Paint Tube 1 Minutes

It's Tuesday! You know what that means! For today's tip, we’re turning our attention to Keiko Tanabe’s excellent watercolor video workshop, Storytelling with Watercolor.”


Skies make for great, large areas in your work. However, make sure to make that area restful but not boring.

“I gave the sky area quite a big space,” Keiko Tanabe says in her video workshop. “If it’s just blue with no clouds, that would look a little too simple.”


Learn to paint skies in watercolor with Keiko Tanabe


Keiko does this by going in with a big brush and moving around the sky as she paints. She leaves areas of white to suggest clouds but all the shapes (and especially their edges) are varied and interesting.

Learn more great tips and techniques in Keiko Tanabe’s “Storytelling with Watercolor.”